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Hundreds of millions of websites are online today. Thousands more are created each day. So how can you stand out from a sea of competitors? Most importantly, how can you increase traffic and sales to your own website? With SEO.

What is SEO? Search engine optimization

It is the practice of optimising a website to gain higher rankings in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google processes over a billion searches per day on its search engines. That number is absolutely staggering and is only expected to increase as more people go online.

What Do Peseo 300x300 Salt Lake City SEO Servicesople Search For?

Search engines are used for a number of reasons. These include entertainment purposes, finding information, connecting with friends and even making purchases online. Search engines are also being increasingly used to find local business information and for customer reviews to help with a buying decision.

SEO Graph 131x300 Salt Lake City SEO ServicesWhy SEO Service is Important

While social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are steadily increasing in popularity, search engines still reign supreme in generating consistent traffic online. This is why SEO is so important and why ignoring it could be detrimental for your business. Here are additional benefit benefits of SEO:

Builds trust, Increases Traffic

SEO2 300x175 Salt Lake City SEO ServicesBy ranking on the first page of the search engines for your target keywords, your website will generate consistent traffic from potential prospects who need your product or service. The ultimate goal is to convert this traffic into paying customers but top rankings are essential.

Increases exposure

With more users going online every day, your website can reach a worldwide audience. However, if you don’t rank on the first page of the search engines then your competitors who do could be taking away customers from your business.


Numerous factors are at work when search engines determine how to rank certain websites. Off site optimization is just another crucial element for ranking well.

  • Manual Article Submissions Builds authority by distributing content relevant to your industry
  • Blog / Forum Posting Builds a strong online presence with a natural link profileSEO Bountiful
  • RSS Pings Notifies all search engines when new content is created
  • Page Optimisation Maintains all on site aspects of your marketing campaign
  • Social Bookmarking Gets your content shared through various social networks
  • Deep Link Builder Links are built to all your pages, not just your home page
  • Link Juicer Links built to your website are reinforced with additional links to make them even stronger
  • Verified Link Builder Ensures that all links created are maintained


  • To rank well, you need the right type of content. Optimizing your website is one of the best ways to immediately get better rankings.
  • Google Analytics Installation Tracks your traffic in real time
  • Google Webmaster Installation Troubleshoots any errors your site may have
  • Title Tag Optimization Increases click through rates to your website
  • Keyword Optimization Increases traffic for relevant keyword phrases
  • Header Tag Optimization Improves readability of your content
  • Anchor Text Inclusion Links to relevant pages within your website
  • Body Text Optimization Gets your visitors to act on your content
  • URL Rewriting Ranks higher with relevant keywords in your URL
  • Google, Yahoo & Bing Site Map Upload Gets all your pages indexed in the search engines

 fotolia 33536624 subscription xxl 150x150 Salt Lake City SEO ServicesSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

Having a strong social media presence is a must to succeed online. Consumers are increasingly using social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to interact with and find information. Our range of social media services are all designed to increase your reach.

  •  Facebook Cover Design Custom cover design for your Facebook page
  • Timeline Management Unique posts to your timeline
  • Twitter cover Design Custom design for your Twitter page
  • Google+ Brand Creation Get set up with Google+
  • Social Website Integration Integrate widgets on your website to increase social shares
  • Google+ Authorship Markup Increases authority in the search engines
  • Article Syndication Get content posted to your social media accounts to increase awareness